Flat Out Like A Lizard

by Norman Price


Robert the Cat and Metro Arts present, as part of the Metro Arts 2020 Performance Season, Norman Price's Flat Out Like A Lizard. 

Lazarus White tells Australian stories that span a century, gothic tales of predators and prey, of seduction and isolation. Characters emerge: mysterious, dangerous, and iconic.

But does anyone want to listen? Is there a market for these stories? The Committee of experts is unconvinced. What’s a writer to do?


Wicked, strange and disturbingly funny, Flat Out Like A Lizard asks some timely questions: what is the value of storytelling? What is the value of the Arts? And what lies at the heart of the Australian psyche?


You there in the dark.

Me here in the dark.

Just a story about the dark.

Directors -  Lisa O'Neill & Anatoly Frusin

Voice Coach - Rosalind Williams

Lighting Design - Geoff Squires

Actors Katy Cotter, Amy Hauser, Darcy Jones, Peter Keavy & Thea Milburn

© 2019 by Robert The Cat

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