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by Caryl Churchill



Robert the Cat and Metro Arts, as part of the Metro Arts 2019 Local Season, presents Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information, a contemporary masterpiece by one of the most important playwrights working today. In 58 short scenes and with over 120 characters, the play is a dazzling collage that looks at the way we communicate and interact as human beings in a contemporary world of information overload and anxiety.

The timeless and dazzling music of Bach’s “Goldberg Variations” will provide a path through this theatrical tour de force with a group of exciting young actors.


Scenes of tragedy, humour, banality, and mystery, as well as a constant stream of sometimes recognizable and often strange slices of life, examine how we process information, how we remember, create meaning, and seek love and understanding.

Directors -  Lisa O'Neill & Anatoly Frusin

Voice Coach - Rosalind Williams

Lighting Design - Geoff Squires

ActorsZac Boulton, Katy Cotter, Amy Hauser, Caitlin Hill, Calum Johnston, Darcy Jones, Patrick Mu’a, Chelsea O’Brien, Paige Poulier & Peter Wood

Love and Information_by Caryl Churhill_M
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