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THE MOTHER 'crow and scissors' by Katy Cotter

Every morning. At six o’clock. I hear them scratching on the roof. Scratching and screeching. Scratching and screeching. Aark! Aark! Is that you, Norman/Lazarus?

What I love about crows is that they remember human faces who have threatened them or harmed them, and these memories last for the bird’s lifetime. Crows are known for their intelligence and adaptability. A group is called a ‘murder’ and when one dies, the murder will surround the deceased, not only to mourn but to find out what killed their member. Then they band together and chase predators in a behaviour called ‘mobbing.’ Norman Price has sadly departed this earth and we, the cast of Flat Out Like A Lizard, are dissecting his words to find truth, hope, light!

This “flat chested woman” in Norman’s play is “turning into a crow.” Her transformation is grotesque and glorious. Having suffered from violence at the hands of her lover, whose eyes are wandering, she seeks out the darkness in hope of embracing the light – her rebirth.

This story is akin to a Greek tragedy but at its core exposes the horrific truth of domestic violence, the secrets behind closed doors, of holding on so tightly…how can you ever fly free again?

“Who’s that in the mirror in your house? Is that loneliness in your house?”


Little Scissors Story…a mother’s love is the most potent of all.

Can you imagine being the mother of a killer?

That mother has raised their child, sung them to sleep, read them stories, held them when they were sick. She has heard their first word – music to her ears! – she has seen their first wobbly steps. What if that child grew up to commit obscene acts on another human being?

“Their eyes. Thighs. Stomachs. Necks. Legs. Feet.”

We hear so much about the killer and his psyche but little from the family who are left scarred and broken in the dark.

The mother in this story sees both her little boy and a monster. Her love and moral compass have rendered her insane. Deep in her heart she is searching for a way to bring her little boy back to her.

“How can I persuade you? What will I do now?”

Image by Monique Roy

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