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Facts, a Love Letter

By Katy Cotter

Sweet Abby,

We became the best of friends, more friends than lovers. I think we can now admit that we weren’t making each other happy like we used to. You know I’m not one for pouring out emotion. I know I have to let you go. You asked me if we could still be friends, but I have to be honest, I can’t right now. I made a list, because you like lists, of little things I’ll remember about you, about us.

(1) Every time I see a coke can, I’ll think of you drinking vanilla coke. I hated the smell of it, and you knew it. I loved the way you looked at me, cheekily, as you cracked open the can.

(2) Your favourite movie is Memoirs of a Geisha. When we travelled to Japan and saw the cherry blossoms, I’ve never seen you so happy.

(3) When we moved into our apartment, you made us stand outside on the welcome mat for a good 5 minutes to “soak up the moment.” I thought you were completely bonkers.

(4) Remember how we got into that fight over diamonds? You thought they were ugly and cliché. I actually bought you diamond earrings for your 25th birthday. I returned them.

(5) I loved watching you cook, and how you’d kick me out of the kitchen if I tried to help.

(6) One of my favourite memories is of dancing at Stone Henge. I dipped you and we fell over and those Japanese tourists filmed it all! You laughed so loud. That was magic. I love your laugh.

(7) You were so obsessed with reading horoscopes. I thought it was all bullshit but I never would have told you. Well, until now.

(8) I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at your fear of pelicans, and watching you flee down the beach that time.

(9) You were sad for two weeks after you chopped your hair off. I thought you looked sexy as fuck, but I kept my mouth shut. You came to me after two weeks and sat on my lap, and said, “I’ve accepted it.” I told you I had never been more attracted to you. Then we had awesome sexy times.

(10) I remember that your favourite animal is a caterpillar – “inner greatness.”

(11) I first told you I loved you at Falls Festival. It was pissing down raining. Vance Joy (Lay It On Me) was playing. You were saturated and covered in mud and I’d never seen anything more beautiful. I pulled you into my arms and shouted, “I LOVE YOU!” You laughed and my heart skipped a beat when you shouted back, “I LOVE YOU TOO, YA BIG DORK!” Best moment of my life to date.

(12) You were always smarter than me. Numbers were your thing. Even though I looked annoyed, I was really impressed and a little jealous of how quickly you could calculate things in your head.

(13) I found it funny waking up in the middle of the night, seeing you sitting up in bed next to me doing a crossword because you couldn’t sleep. I’ll miss that. Maybe I’ll be the one doing crosswords now.

(14) We had our first fight in an aquarium. You told me you were bi-sexual. I told you I didn’t mind. Turns out, I did.

I want to keep you in my memory as the girl throwing cherry blossoms and dancing in the rain. My girl. Even if it was for a short time.

Always your dork, Dana xoxo

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