Robert the Cat  is embarking on a new project in 2021, this time inviting a group of TAFE Queensland Acting and Performance graduates to develop an original full-length performance work. The work will be guided by Patrick Mu'a and facilitated and performed by Rebecca Day, Darcy Jones, Tiahnee Solien-Bowles, Peter Wood and Jedd Zachery.

"The camp counsellors are back and ready to spread some positivi-tea!" 


First shown at Short N Sweet Theatre Festival 2018, and winning 4 awards at the festivals’ gala finals, the counsellors are back with a bigger and better gang ready to scratch their ways back into your heart! 


STD centres around the camp counsellors of the iconic summer camp who base their lives on changing sad people (who they refer as sadlings) back to their happy selves with… questionable methods. The counsellors are now struck with a new challenge within the camp, befriending a stranger and trying to keep their happiness afloat all at the same time! Will they succeed or will they have to settle this in a Krump battle? 


Many of us have been shamed for expressing our emotions. Humour is one particular mask that is often used in Australia to cover pain and genuine trauma, it is a short-term solution which ignores the real problems and leads to lasting damage. Sunny Tribe District explores and strips this notion for the audience to experience truthful and grounded revelations surrounding this ideal of “turning that frown upside down”. 


So come join us at the happiest place in the World. You thought Disneyland, didn’t you? Yeah, well, you’re wrong. But Sunny Tribe District is here and trust me, it's an adventure that lasts a lifetime!


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