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In 2021 Robert the Cat  invited a group of TAFE Queensland Acting and Performance graduates to develop an original full-length performance work as part of Metro Art's 2022 Performance Season. What followed is Sunny Tribe District, known as STD for short! The work has been written and directed by Patrick Mu'a and performed by Rebecca Day, Darcy Jones, Tiahnee Solien-Bowles, Peter Wood and Jedd Zachery.

Sunny Tribe District follows the story of a group of Camp Counsellors who have dedicated their lives to bringing sad people (who they refer to as sadlings) back to their happy selves. Though their methods may be questionable, they have the right intentions. When we meet the counsellors, the camp seems to be in a not so happy place. One of our counsellors is missing and the camp is being threatened with closure. When all hope is lost, a mysterious stranger shows up. Tune in to find out if the counsellors can save the camp, as well as themselves. 


Are you ready for the adventure that lasts a lifetime? Well buckle in campers, this summer you get to spend it with Sunny Tribe District. I know your Mum promised you a trip to the happiest place on earth but what you got is pretty close. Well, located 300km away from the nearest human settlement and only accessible by two planes and a rickety canoe up a river known specifically for its dangerous wildlife close! Our camp counsellors are primed, prepped and ready to spread some positivi-tea and help you find your way back to happiness. Because happiness is what matters and here at Sunny Tribe District, we will stop at nothing to help you find your truest happiness self. So what are you waiting for? Come on down and let’s get this party started!

@Metro Arts

22-30 July 2022


Image: Peta Kishawi 

Trailer: Jedd Zachery

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