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Flat Out Like A Lizard by Norman Price (we're so not in Kansas any more!!)

The 2020 RTC team have been 'flat out' this year 'slowly' working on our latest production 'Flat Out Like A Lizard' by Norman Price, due to hit the stage Dec 2-12 at the New Benner Theatre with our co-producers Metro Arts.

The most autobiographical of Norman's works, 'Flat Out Like A lizard' is more a performance text than a play, beautifully poetic as you would expect, however complex in its arrangement. As we began to unpack the text, it quickly became apparent that we were indeed, 'so not in Kansas any more!' As the protagonist 'Lazarus White' keeps the audience on their feet with stories from the dark! so too is this text keeping us on ours! as we continue to shine a light into the dark corners of the performance text in order to reveal the people who reside there.

Keep tuned in as cast members share their thoughts and inspirations around this challenging text!!! RTC x

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