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PAIN by Paige Poulier

To all you new mummies out there, please please PLEASE send this mummy blogger #help! I know this might sound crazy, but my daughter doesn't feel any physical pain. When she was a baby she used to chew her fingers so hard down to the bone. I didn't think anything of it then, just put it down to an extreme version of thumb sucking, but as she's gotten older her behaviour has become increasingly self-destructive. Took her to the Cedar Creek Falls - scraped her legs so badly - there was blood everywhere - I could hardly look at her - and she just shrugged her shoulders! Yesterday she threw herself down a flight of stairs without even wincing! Broke both her legs! I'm so scared of what she might do next...If any of you can PLEASE recommend a specialist, or doctor, or anyone you think of that could help me. I've done research myself with no luck. I just want my baby to have a normal life. I need to get to the bottom of this. Post below PLEASE!

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