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God's Voice

Image by Vivaelpato

God’s Voice By Amy Hauser

We all have a voice in our head that talks to us every day; we call it our conscience. Although a select few (who are not healthy in a mental sense) hear a different voice. This voice can tell the person to perform violent acts such as bashing, rape and murder. Many of these unfortunate people swear that the voice is in fact, God’s voice.

In 2018 Daniel Keening aged 38 strangled a woman he met, Jennifer Lee Moy, with one hand. He had taken her to his home, tied and handcuffed her in his basement. Daniel told the investigators that God had spoken to him; ordering him to kill someone so that later he could resurrect that person.

In 2003 Deanna Laney woke up one night and took her sons Joshua (8yrs), Luke (6yrs) and Aaron (14 months) out to the back yard before bashing their heads in with large rocks. Joshua and Luke both perished and Aaron survived but received massive head/brain damage. She then called 911 and calmly reported the murders. Later on she told investigators that God had told her that the end was near and that she must kill her sons to prove her faith. She said ‘That feeling hit me. It’s time. It’s time.’


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