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GRASS by Zac Boulton

I’d been buying my weed from him for a while. Just a spliff on a Friday night sort of thing, nothing too crazy. He seemed like a nice guy. I wasn’t involved in anything further than that. He lived pretty close so it was really convenient. One day, a Friday in fact, he offered for me to come to a party, a few beers, nothing too wild. Lets just say it was fucking mental. There was a DJ over the damn pool and doof doof playing till 3am. I saw him go into the room with her. I saw all of them go in. I left totally fucked at about 4am. The next day after a late sleep in and a blasting from the wife I flicked on the TV. Body found. And her photo. It was her. The police were looking for anyone who might have information. Oh shit, oh damn, OH FUCK!

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