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TORTURE By Zac Boulton

A response to the below article…

There was this bloke and we told him to walk into the shed, and stand on the chair. He was a rat. He stood on the chair and then we all walked in. We looked into his eyes. He knew. He started crying and begging and then he pissed himself. We didn’t put a finger on him. It was the thought of it you know, just the thought. Reggie throws this thick sailor rope to him. He only just catches it. He cries harder than before. He reaches upward and throws the rope over the big, thick wooden beam. He ties it off all by himself, no one put a finger on him. He slipped the rope over his neck finally. He looked at us and no one said a thing he pleaded with us…He slowly let his weight go…and he even kicked his own chair away. We all walked out and got beers.

“A MOLE from one of Australia's most notorious bikie gangs has blown the whistle on a culture of drug trafficking, gun running and murder, including one man being forced to hang himself”

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